What's New In BrailleSpark?

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Here you can find complete change log of BrailleSpark

What's New in BrailleSpark®

BrailleSpark® 1.9.760.0

==Exclusive Special Diwali Version==
This version brings some under the hood changes in the license activation and offline license requesting system has also been added. Not only this, devanagari character set for the numbers has also been updated.

BrailleSpark® 1.9.719.0

This release brings numerous changes and fixes for latest versions of NVDA. NVDA was reading some characters twice, which has also been resolved.

BrailleSpark® 1.9.714.0

This is a bugfix release which further enhances and optimizes the compattibility of the software with JAWS 17 and also it further improves the registration process.

BrailleSpark® 1.9.711.0

This is a bugfix release which resolves some user reported issues and enables the license requesting system again.

BrailleSpark® 1.9.710.0

Almost after 4 months, We're Back!
This version is a major upgrade and all users are highly recommended to upgrade as soon as possible to receive latest license, features and enhancements.
Updation instructions
So, what's changed?

  • New, more secure and majorly rewamped licensing system
  • A new licensing policy(Details are available Here)
  • Flexible and OnDemand support for commercial use licenses(Interested parties can contact us at: Contact Us
  • Machine ID's are now permanent and won't be changed after new OS installations(Now you won't have to request licenses again and again)
  • Revised version numbering scheme for user friendlyness
  • Introduced invariant culturing for optimised security
  • Squashed validity key bug on some systems
  • 'C' is new Language/Keyboard Layout Changing command instead of 'dots 456' to avoid conflict with some Devanagari characters
  • Implemented support for Devanagari character 'ळ'(Dot Number 456)
  • Improved the speed(Although BrailleSpark® is already blazing fast)
  • Optimised JAWS and NVDA behavior
  • All API's are updated

That's all! upgrade immediately to Continue using BrailleSpark and enjoy new enhancements!


After many days, we're back with following changes/enhancements in BrailleSpark:

  • Registration and license requesting system is heavily improved and updated
  • Implemented progress bars for the registration and license request
  • Registration dialog won't become sluggish/unresponsive while requesting the license
  • Implemented message boxes for registration/requesting zone instead of speech messages(No more confusion while requesting the license or registering the product)
  • Implemented user friendly messages throughout the software
  • Now there are 2 additional fields while registering:Name and E-mail ID(both are required)
  • Speech output will not automaticly fall back on SAPI if no screen reader is running
  • Optimized JAWS behaviour with some systems
  • Implemented duplicate license requests prevention system
  • Registration zone user interface improvements
  • Some speed improvements
  • Lots of other fixes

It's strongly recommended that you update to this version to get advantages of latest features/fixes


This release comes with following improvements/enhancements:

  • New: Incorporated What's New (ChangeLog) in the software
  • New: '`+C' to view What's New (ChangeLog)
  • New upon user request: capitalisation with dot6(like Braille) Note:You can still capitalise with the 'Shift' key
  • New(Roman only): Pressing any dot number after dot5 will result in it's numeric form
  • Improved upon user request: Number mode and Letter mode
  • Fixed: a serious bug related to 'Windows+' key combinations (All systems were not affected by this bug)
  • Fixed: on some systems, 'CapsLock' was not working as expected
  • Removed ReadMe file from the installation
  • Many other enhancements


This release comes with following changes:

  • Imbedded Documentation and License agreement in BrailleSpark® (Now you can open Documentation/Manual from start menu shortcut)
  • 'Valid until' is now 'Validity Key' to minimize confusions
  • Added a new shortcut key '`+h' to view the documentation when BrailleSpark® is active
  • New shortcut key: '`+V' to know current BrailleSpark® version
  • Devanagari: fixed '।' character error upon user request (Previously, it was outputting '.')
  • Many documentation fixes and updates
  • Optimised registration system
  • Aditionally, assigned the shortcut key: 'Alt+Control+B' to BrailleSpark®


First public release